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Australian Lobby Group Presses Government for Censorship of “Manosphere”

by Christian

Recently, a feminist lobbying group called Reset Australia submitted “research” to the Australian government suggesting that YouTube was exposing young men to “dangerous” content like anti-feminist videos. They argued that the YouTube algorithm was exploiting “vulnerable” populations (i.e., those most likely to be disaffected with the radical feminist narrative) and should therefore be audited by the government and potentially censored or forcefully changed.

According to the report, banning and removing videos has not been enough, and the government should regulate the social media algorithm entirely.

Whether the Australian government will follow through has yet to be seen, but one thing is clear. Radical ideologues like those at Reset Australia are no longer hiding their hand when it comes to their desire to completely control the narrative, silence opposition, and disorganize movements for equality. And if they have been so emboldened and feel they can use the power of the state to their own ends, what does that say about who actually holds the power in Australia and the world?

Ideological Control

Frankly, I don’t think Reset Australia and similar organizations actually care about protecting society from radical movements that could provoke violence against women or minorities. They just care about ideological domination. Their ideology is their religion, the one true religion, and they have to quash the unbelievers.

I say this because history has shown time and again that silencing “dangerous ideologies” has the opposite of the desired effect. The USSR couldn’t keep younger generations from the ideas of liberalism, and this was even before the internet. Similarly, no one has ever tried to prevent young people from encountering Mein Kampf. Nevertheless, Nazism today is a widely ridiculed and ever-shrinking fringe group.

I have no doubt that Reset Australia knows full well that restricting “Manosphere” content would have the reverse effect. It would inflame moderate MRAs, make them feel disenfranchised and powerless, and drive them to actual dangerous content like misogynistic videos. This shows that this censorship isn’t really about protecting men or women but just getting a win for their religious tribe. That’s also why they’re so dishonest about the “manosphere” and what is “dangerous.”

The Disingenuous Narrative Around the “Manosphere”

If you really want evidence that these ideologues care more about ideology than real values, consider how disingenuous and often vague they are when criticizing the manosphere. They say this manosphere content can be a gateway to objectifying women or even committing violence against them. 

By the sounds of it, YouTube is recommending young men watch manifestos of mass murderers. But when you dig a little further, one of the primary examples is videos of Jordan Peterson. Peterson is, of course, a popular self-help guru who rarely discusses politics or gender issues but has occasionally articulated his disagreement with patriarchy theory. An accredited social scientist talking about sociology doesn’t seem all that radical or dangerous, and I think Reset Australia agrees, which is why they try to be as vague as possible about what they consider dangerous manosphere content.

This is, of course, a primary strategy that radical feminist ideologues use to attack anything related to men’s rights. They conflate it all with a single movement, this “manosphere.” In other words, fighting against male genital mutilation, an education system biased against boys, and a justice system that discriminates against men is the same ideology (according to them) as wishing death to all women.

Of course, this is utter nonsense. It’s the same argument as condemning all Muslims simply because Jihadists share some ideological foundation with them. The real aim of this narrative is to conflate “anti-feminism” with misogyny. If I am “anti-feminist” because self-described feminist organizations like the UN and WHO are responsible for the mass atrocity that is forced circumcision of boys in Africa, I don’t see how that’s anti-women at all. Nevertheless, conflating the two helps feminists advance their ideological goals without pushback—on YouTube or otherwise. They want authoritarian control, and that requires lying.

The Real State of Things in Australia (and the World)

One has to ask if Reset Australia thinks that a simple YouTube algorithm can influence young people so much, how do they feel about the fact that generation after generation of children is required by law to attend schools where a faculty dominated by women discriminate against boys and drug them into obedience, tell them repeatedly that their gender is evil, and celebrate feminism while addressing their issues less than none. It seems to me that this would have a far greater influence.

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to ideologies, feminism gets far more airtime than anything in the “manosphere,” especially anything actually important to men’s rights like intactivism, anti-conscription, and boy and father advocacy. As Reset Australia admits in their report, they have already been aggressively taking down anti-feminist videos, but this isn’t enough for them. They want complete control. 

If a group like Reset Australia really cared about gender equality instead of ideological tribalism, they would take 38 Special’s advice and “hold on loosely.” Australia is already one of the most sexist countries against men thanks to campaigns like theirs, and it’s little surprise that it’s disaffecting men in ever-increasing numbers. If instead of trying to disrupt and quash anything remotely related to men’s rights, they allowed men to organize, speak about and advocate for their issues, fewer men would end up feeling so disenfranchised that they would resort to incel or misogynist communities. 

Let’s hope the Australian government ignores this substanceless piece of feminist propaganda.

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